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Jamie Chung.

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Yes! But we’ll prefer if they weren’t on anon.

Love Harry Potter? A firm believer that opposites attract? Always wanted a pairing to happen that never did? This is definitely the role play for you. 

Fxck canon has no boundaries, apart from one — we do not like canon. It’s time to shake things up. This role play is dedicated soley to pairings that would never truly happen, to the relationships we saw happen in our head but never on paper. You can expect lots of mischief, snogging, break ups and crazy times. 

We look forward to seeing all you students arrive at Hogwarts. Come join us now and join in the fun! We can promise you it will never be boring around here.

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Ronald, more commonly known as Ron, is quite the casual character. For every good trait, he has a flaw to follow like most people. While he can be incredibly loyal, he can also very often let his jealousy get the better of him, even when it comes to his best friends. While he can be very determined, he can also be very stubborn when he thinks he’s right. Despite this, he is a very laid back guy who has the heart of gold. He’d stand up for his friends without question, which is something he’s been doing a lot of lately since Harry’s been brandished a liar. Not that he’s been spending much time with Harry. In fact, he’s been spotted spending an awful amount of time with a certain Irish fellow… it doesn’t mean anything though. Right? So what if he likes boys, it doesn’t mean he likesSeamus. Impossible…. just impossible.

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Seamus’ personality is about as explosive as his potions. He’s unpredictable. Most of the time, he’s a typical larger than life fella who just wants to enjoy life with his friends. However, get on his bad side and you’ll definitely regret it. His anger is what nearly had the sorting hat putting him in Slytherin — it’s when that switch is flipped, he just see’s red. However, on the good days he is generally a laid-back and humorous guy, always up for a laugh and a party. Being Irish, he loves a drink or 500 and can flirt his way into any girl’s heart with that cheeky smile of his. Unfortunately, it’s not exactly a girl’s heart that he’s after. As of late, the only person he’s been thinking about is a certain red-headed Weasley and it’s not Ginny. It’s Ron. 

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Lavender Brown… how do I even begin to explain Lavender Brown? Lavender Brown is flawless. She has two fendi purses and a silver lexis. I hear her hair is ensured for $10,000. I hear she does car commericals… in Japan. Her favorite movie is ‘Varsity Blues’. One time, she met Charlie Weasley and he told her she was pretty! One time, she punched Seamus Finnigan in the face. It was awesome. 

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The brightest witch of her age… Hermione Granger is well known for her intelligence, perfect grades, her quick thinking and love for the library. If there’s ever a question that needs answering, she’s your girl. Not only is she strong-willed and stubborn, she’s also determined and focused, traits that will guarantee her to go very far not just in school, but in life. Proud to be a muggleborn, she’ll stand up to any bigot or bully that tries to tell her differently. There’s just one problem… it all seems a little boring doesn’t it? Well, that’s exactly what her life was beginning to feel like until Graham Montague waltzed into it. Now everything seems to be all over the place and she isn’t quite sure what is happening. It’s definitely change but whether it’s for the good or the not, she hasn’t quite figured it out yet. Watch this space.


No one in the school messes with this Slytherin if they know what’s good for them. And even the one’s that don’t know still wouldn’t dare. He’s got a reputation as a thug and a brute, a violent bully that has no issues with punching you in the face if you so much as look at him wrong — he’s got quite the arm on him as well. Marcus Flint can be your best friend or he can be your enemy. If he deems you worthy, he’s fiercely loyal and very over protective. If he doesn’t, you could be in trouble. The thing is, he’s a dick. He knows he’s a dick, the whole world knows he’s a dick, even his best friend Samuel Gatsby knows he’s a dick. He’s ambitious, ruthless and cunning, all three traits that are very often shown on the Quidditch pitch. He sleeps around and he breaks hearts — and he enjoys it. Except as of late, there isn’t much heart break going around because there’s one girl who isn’t given in quite as easy the others. Katie Bell is proving quite the challenge. And he’s very much enjoying trying to win.

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